Artist Fausto Olguín exhibits at the McAllen Creative Incubator

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Fausto Olguín was born in Mexico.  Mr. Olguin, fond of the Arts since childhood, began taking as an example, lessons from a political uncle, the artist Rufino Tamayo, who guided him in his youth to the use of different pictorial techniques.  First, creating Arts as a hobby and then so professionally since 1960.

This September the Creative Incubator has the honor to display for the public in McAllen and nearby cities, the exhibition of paintings by Fausto Olguin.  Mr. Olguin, exhibits some religious work, landscape, typical Mexican festivity, religious art and impressionism and abstract impressionism.

“I have been in many places like Mexico City and the State of Mexico, Puebla, cities like Coahuila, Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa where I participated in several group exhibits, alongside teachers as Artemio Guerra, Mari Carmen Aguirre, among others,” Said Mr. Olguin “And now as a new resident in the city of McAllen, here I am making my “Knick knacks.” Olguin said with a smile on his face.

His works will remain on display until the end of September in the Atrium of the McAllen Creative Incubator, located at 601 N Main Street in McAllen, Texas. The Incubator is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily and admission is free. All art work on display is for sale, for more information about this exhibition can contact the artist Fausto Olguín at 956-598-2434.

The McAllen Creative Incubator offers various artists the opportunity to exhibit their art. For more information on how to exhibit at the Incubator contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787 or via email at

The Chachetones recives McAllen Art’s Councile Grant


The Chachetones recives McAllen Art’s Councile Grant

The McAllen Arts Council supports and encourages the development of a citywide arts culture and infrastructure that includes all disciplines of the arts. The Goal of the MAC, is to support artists, offer opportunities for young people and encourage artistic growth. In April the Council awarded Grants to individuals and Organizations to carry out their objectives in bringing Art to the surrounding communities in McAllen. The funding enables them to bring life-changing benefits to their communities.  Recipients are given the opportunity to promote a deeper appreciation for the arts through the support of the McAllen Arts Council who strives to enable organizations to thrive, not just survive.

One of the grant recipients includes the Chachetones, as in Cache-tones. They are a musical band that goes beyond entertaining audiences with their original music by also serving the community through their promotion of positive social causes.  The band has participated in the RGV (Real Good Vibes) Drum and Dance Circle, which focuses meditation and prayer for the wellbeing of the 1.5 million people in the Rio Grande Valley. The Cachetones will use the grant funds to acquire musical equipment that will enable them to record their music at live performances and within their studio.

When asked what type of music the Cachetones performs, Richard Barned, band leader, proclaimed, “A whole new genre called Rhythm & Bliss, its music that celebrates the joys of living with rhythms to revive the living dead.”

Auditions for colibrí children’s choir at the Incubator!


The colibrí children’s choir is a community, auditioned treble choir for students in fourth through ninth grade. Students are selected on the basis of their aural and vocal potential, their desire to sing, their ability to learn quickly and their willingness to work hard.

Auditions for colibrí children’s choir will be held Saturday, September 12th at the McAllen Creative Incubator! Children colibri Choir has participated in McAllen’s Posada as well as other events and its led by Carol Brown.

Carol J. Brown, director, taught in McAllen ISD for 18 years and at IDEA Quest for 4 years. Her Navarro Elementary Children’s Choir twice appeared at state and national music teachers conventions in San Antonio, Texas. She is in her fourth year as music specialist and choir director at Stuart Place Elementary in Harlingen TX.  She received a Bachelor of Music from the University of Texas – Austin and a Master of Music Education from Indiana University – Bloomington where she also studied Folklore and Ethnomusicology. She earned a Two-Year Diploma from the Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music in Kecskemét, Hungary, and she studied horn at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. She trains music teachers in the Kodály method in various universities around the country. She plays horn with the Valley Symphony Orchestra and South Texas Lyric Opera.

“Ever since my work with Dr. Mary Goetze and the Indiana University Children’s Choir, I has been passionate about teaching children to sing.” Said Ms. Brown.

The Creative Incubator is located at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen, entrance is thru the Alley.  Sign up today for Saturday, September 12th auditions! Learn more about Colibri at  or sign up by calling 956-307-6074.

Incubators Feature Artist of the Month- Alma Casso

alma casso


Alma Casso, provides an artistic and intellectual art style for students of all ages, thru her art classes at Let’s Paint! studio.  Let’s Paint! Studio teaches its students to protect the environment by using environmentally-sound painting methods.  Ms. Alma Casso is housed at the McAllen Creative Incubator, Studio #1.  She was recently awarded a grant from the McAllen Arts Council.  The Grant will help her achieve her dream of creating a traveling exhibition of several iconic or magical, as she calls it, places in McAllen.  The traveling exhibition will be available for display later this year.  For now, we can enjoy Alma’s work which will remain on display at the Incubator, until the end of August 2015.

“I like people to feel an emotional impact when they see my work,” Alma Casso says. “I want them to realize they are surrounded by beauty, by energy and this is what gives meaning to life.”

The McAllen Creative Incubator is located at 601 N. Main Street, McAllen, Texas. The McAllen Creative Incubator is a venue that offers low cost studios for start-up artists.  The Incubator is meant to foster the creativity of it’s tenants and provide emerging artists with support.  The goal of the McAllen Creative Incubator is to support the continued professional growth of artists in order to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of our local community.  Visit us from 9am-6pm daily and learn more about our Incubator.  All art work on display is available for sale.  For more information on how to exhibit at the Incubator gallery contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787.

MATICES-Art Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator


MATICES- Art Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator

MATICES Art Classes are designed to familiarize students with the wonderful world of artistic painting and its tools.  Coco & Martha, who are the founders of MATICES Art Studio, believe that education in art allows feelings to flow, art exploration and understanding of the transformation that reality evolves into when interpreted into Art.  At the same time art facilitates the integral and harmonious development of the human qualities, promotes the understanding and expression of beauty, in a relaxed classroom atmosphere where students help each other and socialize.

“Art is recommended by experts, as a high power therapy” said Coco Salinas, Matices Art Teacher.  “We offer painting classes to children, young adults and adults on Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, in the mornings from 10 am to 1 pm and in the evenings from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.  The schedule variety allows for the busy morning/evening student to join our class.” concluded Ms. Salinas.   Class length is an hour and a half and includes the necessary materials!  To register please contact MATICES Studio at  (956) 739 3869 Martha Hinojosa or  (956) 451 0440 Coco Salinas.

MATICES is located inside the McAllen Creative Incubator at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen.  The “Incubator” as it is called by its students, is in McAllen’s booming Art District on Main Street and is open to the public.  For more information on upcoming classes or events visit us at or 956-687-2787.


Adobe Photoshop Classes for Beginners!
Learn how to drive the best program for Pictures, Advertising, Social Media,
Digital Art….etc…

Have to Learn how to use more tools, such as, Filters, Layers, Resolution,
Dimensions, Color, FX, Composition & shortcuts!!!

Mondays & Wednesday Mornings 10am to 12pm
Course We’ll starts on September.

$160.00 /Month
(One day @ 2hrs /wk)

2days @wk ( Monday & Wednesday )
$280.00 / Month

To Register Call or Text
[956] 5 3 4 – 5 0 8 8
Must use your own Laptop or Mac book.
Clasess are in Spanish or English.
“Las clases son en Español o Ingles vas aprender mucho!!!”

Javier Vite
Sr. Graphic Designer
McAllen Creative Incubator


ACTIN Studio at the McAllen Creative Incubator


Theater classes are therapeutic and serve as a socializing arena for children. ACTIN Studios, is a space where kids can create, invent, learn to participate and collaborate in groups.

In the path to theatrical expression, children learn to gain trust, deal with emotional containment and gain a sense of security that will essentially lead them, to positive expression. This group will include diverse ages, cultural differences, where students begin to form pairs, teams and even groups.  Soon the Actin Student develops tolerance; understanding, finds encouragement and peer support begin to be values ​​that run parallel to the creative task.  Actin, believes that all children have something to say, each in their own way.  With the help of Actin Studios, students are encouraged to develop their creative power thru acting skills.

“Actin Studios goal is to provide the right framework and stimulate the creative mind via the proposed activities.  We improve the student’s creative capacity and re-enforce theatrical support.” said Elizabeth Ayala, Actin Studio Instructor, “All children are able to express themselves onstage.  We are here to bring forth that acting skill, which is innate, in them.”

On Tuesday, September 1st, ACTIN Studios, begins another round of fun, Spanish speaking, acting courses for kids!  A group of children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 15 years old meet up at the McAllen Creative Incubator every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm to learn, what acting is all about.  The cost to attend is $ 65 dlls a month.   Register now!  The first class is free for all children who are curious to know what an acting class is all about. For more information, or to book your spot, please call 956 624 8239 or send an email to



MAH-final-versionPIC 8.2015

The Prelude, is excited to bring a special opportunity to all musical artists.  Angel Rodriguez, Co-Owner of The Prelude has been recruiting talent for the Music After Hours shows for several years now.

Music After Hours, features various styles of music ranging from acoustic guitar, blues, jazz, indie, and alternative rock for an evening of fun with the whole family. The event is held at Archer Park, the first Friday of the Month, with an upcoming show on September 4th.

The Prelude, wishes to bring the community’s best performers to the stage of MAH shows.  Auditions are not limited to the genres listed.  Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your unique style for The Prelude.

Come by the McAllen Creative Incubator, located at 601 N. Main Street in Mcallen, on Sunday, August 23rd for Upper Valley Auditions or stop by The Prelude, located at 113 East Jackson Avenue in Harlingen, on Sunday, August 30th for Lower Valley Auditions. Doors open at 2pm.  Showcase your talent, meet other artists, network, make connections and with the help of The Prelude, get the tips you need to become a better performer, who knows, maybe it’s your turn to showcase your talent at one of our events!  Walk-Ins are welcome. Register via The Prelude at 956- 335 – 5173 or sign up online:

“Back-to-School Classes and Programs” Led by Ruth Hoyt

A Green Jay fluffs its feathers in order to appear larger, as it notices a potential enemy in the deep south Texas thorn scrub.

A Green Jay fluffs its feathers in order to appear larger, as it notices a potential enemy in the deep south Texas thorn scrub.

Photo credits:  Ruth Hoyt of Green Jay (bird)

This September Ruth Hoyt of Green Jay (bird)mber professional nature photographer, writer and instructor Ruth Hoyt leads two evening classes: “Basic Nature Photography” and “Learning Lightroom.” She also plans to teach an October evening Photoshop class.

Her “Basic Nature Photography” class covers camera handling and operating, composition, exposure and impact, as well as some of the flora and fauna of the Rio Grande Valley.

The nature photography class takes place on four consecutive Wednesday nights, starting September 16 and ending October 7. Class begins promptly at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm at the Valley Nature Center, 301 South Border, Weslaco, Texas.

A Saturday morning field trip connected to the nature photography class is scheduled for October 3. Details are to be discussed during the first evening of class.

Cost for this class is $250 and includes a one-year single membership at the Valley Nature Center valued at $35. Registration should be made by contacting the Valley Nature Center via email ( or phone (956-969-2475).

Ms. Hoyt has received requests to conduct an Adobe Lightroom class and has set aside six evenings to conduct a hands-on class for setting up and using Lightroom.

The Lightroom class covers setting up a laptop or desktop computer with Adobe Lightroom software, choosing appropriate preferences, creating a catalog and importing, organizing and editing photos, followed by exporting photos for various uses such as website, email, posting online and making small to large prints.

Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers and digital photos in order to have a hands-on experience.

The Lightroom class takes place on six evenings – three evenings each on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting September 21 and ending October 6. Class begins promptly at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator, 601 North Main, McAllen, Texas.

There is no photographic field trip associated with the Lightroom class.

Cost for this class is $250. Registration should be made by contacting instructor Ruth Hoyt directly via email ( or phone (956-330-2900).