Solo Exhibit by Aurora Vite


Solo Exhibit “Life thru my eyes” by Aurora Vite

McAllen, TX.  Award winning artist Aurora Vite who was born and raised in Mexico announced that her abstract and realist series “Life thru my eyes” will exhibit at the McAllen Creative Incubator Gallery this upcoming month.

Aurora who is a well-known & accomplished artist in Mexico participated in the McAllen’s Art Council, Fine Art Exhibit in 2016 and won 1st place for her photography art.  The international artist who is known for her animal realism and colorful abstracts in different techniques like acrylics, oil and mixed media will have a solo exhibit which will debut on October 7, 2017 during the Art Walk Event.  The Exhibit will remain on display thru the end of that month.

“It’s nice to be recognized for your accomplishments here in the RGV,” Sais Aurora Vite “The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is very supportive of local Artist thru the McAllen Creative Arts Incubator.  I am pleased and gratified to be an artist at the McA2 and be a part of its Tenancy program.”

The public is invited to visit the exhibit and meet the Artist from 7pm-9pm at 601 N. Main Street, McAllen.  For information on the Artists art workshops, contact her at 956-569-1915.   To learn more about our facility, visit our web page at

Excellent concert held at the McAllen Creative Incubator Chamber Music Concert Nights Series returned with their 2016 fall season



Next concert that will be held on Sunday November 6th at 7:30pm

If you were not at the McAllen Creative Incubator on Sunday, September 18th, you missed a great start over of these free didactic concerts.

Chamber Music Concert Nights Series returned 3 classical music concert events to be held in the McAllen Creative Incubator.

The one hour performance of Viol Consort String Ensemble was spectacular, featuring as always, a fine mixture of familiar and obscure chamber works by a diverse group of composers. In these occasion  the concert started  with a beautiful collection of  XVII century sonatas  for violin, bassoon and cello featuring the  special guest Arturo Gonzalez in the bassoon joined by violinists Sam Heredia, Sarah Torres, Alfonso Atkinson, Gamaliel Sanchez in the viola and Abran Garcia in the cello.

They started the second half of the program with the Allegro from Rimsky Korsakov B-La-F String Quartet and concluded   with one of the most celebrated string quartets from Haydn’s Op. 64, the Fifth, in D, and so-called “Lark String Quartet”.

The powerful and inspiring repertoire kept the audience pleased and willing to attend the next concert that will be held on Sunday November 6th at 7:30pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator in 601 N. Main St. McAllen.

For more information about this Free Chamber Music Concerts please contact  or  like our Facebook page: Chamber Music Concert Nights by Viol Consort.


“Mi Herencia” Art Exhibit by Roel Flores

a-dsc_6410“Mi Herencia” Art Exhibit by Roel Flores

This October, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s Creative Incubator is proud to offer an exhibition from Mr. Roel Flores.

Mr. Flores has an artistic family, which consists of a brother & nephew, who occasionally exhibit together.  The passion for Art runs deep in the Flores family particularly in Roel Flores who was born in Weslaco, Texas and still resides there. Their combined artwork exhibits have consisted of paintings on canvas, oil & acrylic, with each artist having a different perspective and unique style.

On this occasion, Roel calls this exhibit “Mi Herenica” to go along with heritage month.  Mr. Roel Flores’s, art work reflects an era when, the valley was young, untouched by commercial buildings and he worked in the fields.  Roel is the oldest of five brothers of seasonal migrant worker parents.

Mr. Flores’s accomplishments are many, but he is most proud to have received the National Arts & Humanities Proclamation from President Obama in 2013.

In additional to painting Roel is an accomplished guitarist.

A talented and soft spoken gentleman, Roel has exhibited in many locations, some which include the Weslaco Museum, San Benito, Austin, Houston, Chicago and in 2015 at the McAllen Creative Incubator.

“Mi Herencia” exhibit will be on display during Art Walk on Friday October 7th, and will remain on display for the entire month.

The focus of Incubator Exhibits is to promote awareness of local artists. On a monthly basis the Creative Incubator features talented artists who exhibit and join in for Art walk on the first Friday of every month.  A great variety of talented Artists have joined us from Corpus Christi as well as RGV residents.

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AUDITIONS for Colibri Children’s Choir


PRESS RELEASE:  Announcing auditions for colibrí children’s choir

Auditions for the colibrí children’s choir will be held on Saturday, September 17 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator (601 N. Main).  No appointment is needed.  For those unable to come at this time, please call 956.307.6074 to arrange an alternate time. The first rehearsal will be Sunday, September 18.

The colibrí children’s choir is a community, auditioned treble choir for students in first through ninth grade. Students are selected on the basis of their aural and vocal potential, their desire to sing, their ability to learn quickly and their willingness to work hard. Children from public, private, parochial, charter, and home schools meet Sunday afternoons for rehearsals and musicianship classes, which are designed to teach music literacy. The choir performs at least two concerts each year and has appeared at McAllen’s Christmas in the Park and Fourth of July celebrations. The choir meets in the Gallery of the McAllen Creative Incubator.

A $20 registration fee is required at the time of audition. For further information including schedules and tuition, please visit

Carol J. Brown, director
colibrí music studio and children’s choir
P.O. Box 759
McAllen TX 78505

CHAMBER MUSIC CONCERT NIGHTS by Viol Consort String Ensemble presents From baroque to Romantic era.



by Viol Consort String Ensemble presents From baroque to Romantic era.

Chamber Music Concert Nights it’s a program of educational concerts with a variety of classical music with the purpose of making art more accessible and understandable to the community.

 In this occasion Viol Consort will be performing a fine selection from baroque to romantic repertoire for string trio and string quartet.  The concert will begin with a beautiful collection of  XVII century sonatas  for violin, bassoon and cello  followed  by the Allegro from Rimsky Korsakov B-La-F String Quartet. and concluding with one of the most celebrated string quartets from Haydn’s Op. 64, the Fifth, in D, and so-called “Lark String Quartet”.

Viol Consort String Ensemble was founded in 2001 by violinist and music-arranger Sam Heredia 1st violin of the String Quartet, he is joined by violinists Sarah Torres and  Alfonso Atkinson, violists  Gamaliel Orellana,  cellists Abran Garcia, And for this concert the ensemble will be hosting the guest artist Arturo Gonzalez in the bassoon.

As classical crossover specialists VCSE excels in multiple styles — from baroque,classical, romantic, contemporary,  jazz, tango, pop and more . Since its concert debut in 2001, Viol Consort String Quartet has offered its exclusive  literature to local, national and international audiences in a variety of venues that include concert halls,  festivals, museums, and classrooms, for the sole purpose of promoting a cultural environment within reach of the whole community, especially in the Rio Grande Valley  where Viol Consort started  the program of 2 concert seasons per year  in McAllen Texas presenting eight didactic concerts  at the McAllen Creative Incubator (old library) located at 601 N. Main St, McAllen.

EVENT Date:Sunday September 18th at 7:30pm

Place: 601 N. Main St. Mcallen (McAllen Creative Incubator)

first concert of 2016  fall season

Alma Casso’s Art Exhibit Showcases the City of McAllen


Alma Casso’s Art Exhibit Showcases the City of McAllen

On Friday, September 2, 2016, local artist Alma Casso will be showcasing her latest art exhibit entitled “10 Magical Places in McAllen.” The event will take place from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Creative Incubator’s Gallery located at 601 N. Main St., McAllen, Texas. Alma’s inspiration behind this exhibit is based on her desire to capture the many different aspects that distinguish the City of McAllen, and makes it exceptional. “As an artist, I wanted to honor the City of McAllen by creating a collection of paintings capturing city landmarks and their history. My objective was to present them in a light that reflects the great culture and people of the city.”

Selecting only 10 city landmarks was not an easy task for artist Alma Casso, especially since many of the city’s original buildings have been either demolished or remodeled. As Alma states, “Our modern society seems to want to push us into a uniform way of thinking and living. It saddens me to think that cities, little by little, are becoming increasingly similar, and they are losing the aspects that distinguish them and makes them special.” Alma’s objective in her art exhibit was displaying the essence of the city. “I believe that by capturing different aspects of the City of McAllen in my ten paintings, I will be able to remind people about the history, greatness, and exceptionalism of our city.”

Through her exhibit, Alma hopes to tell the many stories behind the city’s landmarks. For example, did you know that the original owner of Quinta Mazatlan, Jason Chilton Matthews, fought alongside Lawrence of Arabia? Legend says that the ceiling beams of Quinta Mazatlan are made of Lebanese cedar which was a gift to Mr. Matthews from the King of Lebanon in gratitude for his fight alongside Lawrence of Arabia in Lebanon’s War of Independence from the Turks.

With a bachelor’s degree in communication, and an MBA, Alma has pursued a successful career that led her to work in education, business, government, and healthcare. But always stirring in her heart was a desire she felt since her youth of wanting to be an artist to capture and share the beauty she saw. In 2000, she succumbed, Alma decided to pursue a career as an artist. Studying with a number of artists, Alma developed her own, intense style, using brushes, and palette knives to fulfill the free expression of the emotions that drive her.

Alma is an avid artist, and she has been painting and teaching painting classes for the last sixteen years. Her art exhibit “10 Magical Places in McAllen,” is being funded thanks to a grant rendered by the McAllen Arts Council and the Chamber of Commerce of McAllen. The art exhibit’s paintings will be on display in the Creative Incubator’s Gallery for the whole month of September. Alma Casso has her studio in the Creative Incubator of the City of McAllen’s Chamber of Commerce, which is located at 601 N. Main St., McAllen, Texas. She also teaches painting classes. You can contact her directly via e-mail at or via telephone at 956-507-0414.