Adobe Photoshop Classes for Beginners!
Learn how to drive the best program for Pictures, Advertising, Social Media,
Digital Art….etc…

Have to Learn how to use more tools, such as, Filters, Layers, Resolution,
Dimensions, Color, FX, Composition & shortcuts!!!

Mondays & Wednesday Mornings 10am to 12pm
Course We’ll starts on September.

$160.00 /Month
(One day @ 2hrs /wk)

2days @wk ( Monday & Wednesday )
$280.00 / Month

To Register Call or Text
[956] 5 3 4 – 5 0 8 8
Must use your own Laptop or Mac book.
Clasess are in Spanish or English.
“Las clases son en Español o Ingles vas aprender mucho!!!”

Javier Vite
Sr. Graphic Designer
McAllen Creative Incubator


ACTIN Studio at the McAllen Creative Incubator


Theater classes are therapeutic and serve as a socializing arena for children. ACTIN Studios, is a space where kids can create, invent, learn to participate and collaborate in groups.

In the path to theatrical expression, children learn to gain trust, deal with emotional containment and gain a sense of security that will essentially lead them, to positive expression. This group will include diverse ages, cultural differences, where students begin to form pairs, teams and even groups.  Soon the Actin Student develops tolerance; understanding, finds encouragement and peer support begin to be values ​​that run parallel to the creative task.  Actin, believes that all children have something to say, each in their own way.  With the help of Actin Studios, students are encouraged to develop their creative power thru acting skills.

“Actin Studios goal is to provide the right framework and stimulate the creative mind via the proposed activities.  We improve the student’s creative capacity and re-enforce theatrical support.” said Elizabeth Ayala, Actin Studio Instructor, “All children are able to express themselves onstage.  We are here to bring forth that acting skill, which is innate, in them.”

On Tuesday, September 1st, ACTIN Studios, begins another round of fun, Spanish speaking, acting courses for kids!  A group of children and adolescents between the ages of 7 and 15 years old meet up at the McAllen Creative Incubator every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 pm to learn, what acting is all about.  The cost to attend is $ 65 dlls a month.   Register now!  The first class is free for all children who are curious to know what an acting class is all about. For more information, or to book your spot, please call 956 624 8239 or send an email to



MAH-final-versionPIC 8.2015

The Prelude, is excited to bring a special opportunity to all musical artists.  Angel Rodriguez, Co-Owner of The Prelude has been recruiting talent for the Music After Hours shows for several years now.

Music After Hours, features various styles of music ranging from acoustic guitar, blues, jazz, indie, and alternative rock for an evening of fun with the whole family. The event is held at Archer Park, the first Friday of the Month, with an upcoming show on September 4th.

The Prelude, wishes to bring the community’s best performers to the stage of MAH shows.  Auditions are not limited to the genres listed.  Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your unique style for The Prelude.

Come by the McAllen Creative Incubator, located at 601 N. Main Street in Mcallen, on Sunday, August 23rd for Upper Valley Auditions or stop by The Prelude, located at 113 East Jackson Avenue in Harlingen, on Sunday, August 30th for Lower Valley Auditions. Doors open at 2pm.  Showcase your talent, meet other artists, network, make connections and with the help of The Prelude, get the tips you need to become a better performer, who knows, maybe it’s your turn to showcase your talent at one of our events!  Walk-Ins are welcome. Register via The Prelude at 956- 335 – 5173 or sign up online:

“Back-to-School Classes and Programs” Led by Ruth Hoyt

A Green Jay fluffs its feathers in order to appear larger, as it notices a potential enemy in the deep south Texas thorn scrub.

A Green Jay fluffs its feathers in order to appear larger, as it notices a potential enemy in the deep south Texas thorn scrub.

Photo credits:  Ruth Hoyt of Green Jay (bird)

This September Ruth Hoyt of Green Jay (bird)mber professional nature photographer, writer and instructor Ruth Hoyt leads two evening classes: “Basic Nature Photography” and “Learning Lightroom.” She also plans to teach an October evening Photoshop class.

Her “Basic Nature Photography” class covers camera handling and operating, composition, exposure and impact, as well as some of the flora and fauna of the Rio Grande Valley.

The nature photography class takes place on four consecutive Wednesday nights, starting September 16 and ending October 7. Class begins promptly at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm at the Valley Nature Center, 301 South Border, Weslaco, Texas.

A Saturday morning field trip connected to the nature photography class is scheduled for October 3. Details are to be discussed during the first evening of class.

Cost for this class is $250 and includes a one-year single membership at the Valley Nature Center valued at $35. Registration should be made by contacting the Valley Nature Center via email ( or phone (956-969-2475).

Ms. Hoyt has received requests to conduct an Adobe Lightroom class and has set aside six evenings to conduct a hands-on class for setting up and using Lightroom.

The Lightroom class covers setting up a laptop or desktop computer with Adobe Lightroom software, choosing appropriate preferences, creating a catalog and importing, organizing and editing photos, followed by exporting photos for various uses such as website, email, posting online and making small to large prints.

Participants are encouraged to bring laptop computers and digital photos in order to have a hands-on experience.

The Lightroom class takes place on six evenings – three evenings each on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting September 21 and ending October 6. Class begins promptly at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator, 601 North Main, McAllen, Texas.

There is no photographic field trip associated with the Lightroom class.

Cost for this class is $250. Registration should be made by contacting instructor Ruth Hoyt directly via email ( or phone (956-330-2900).

Featured Artist of the Month


Meet Ms. Lian Cheng Shingler, a graduate of Chongqing normal University and Shenzhen University in China. Lian, has been an artist at the McAllen Creative Incubator since December 2014 and we are excited to have her as the Artist of the month, her Art will be on display in the Incubator’s Gallery for the month of August.  Ms. Shingler will display some Asian Culture items as well as Paper cut, Diamond craft pictures and embroidered art.

“I hope to make this exhibition extra special.” Said Ms. Shingler, “Some Asian Culture items I have included are attire and jewelry. Also, during the summer, I had an opportunity to work on the paper cut pieces, so they were especially made for this exhibit.  Making the Diamond art craft, is like creating a puzzle, each piece belongs to a corresponding color crystal-diamond point to create a colorful, charming, structured, sparkling crystal painting.  Lastly, I have included China Embroidery which is a national traditional handcraft art of decorating silk fabric and other materials with yarn, thread and needles.” explained Ms. Lian Shingler.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy Lian Shinglers’ art Exhibition on display at the McAllen Creative Incubator.  The Incubator will be open for Music After Hours-Summer Series on August 7th and is located at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen, Texas.  For further information or to learn how you can exhibit your art at the Incubator, contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787.

T-Mobile Career Fair



Stop by the McAllen Creative Incubator on July 23, 2015 for the T-Mobile Career Fair. You will be able to talk to a member of the T-Mobile team and discuss the possibility of joining their faced paced, high motivated, and competitive Retail Sales Team. Come on by from 9 am – 6 pm and take advantage of this great opportunity!

Call out to – Female Guitarist/Musician

Do you know a talented female guitarist/musician who might be willing to play at a November event, to be held here in the RGV.  Female Guitarist/Musician must be willing to perform at no cost or  (maybe for tips?)



Shearwater Journeys, Inc.

PO Box 190

Hollister, CA 95024




Matices Summer Art Camp

Matices to hold Summer Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator. Come and paint in Acrylic & Oil.

For more Information contact Martha Hinojosa at 956-739-3869 or Coco Salinas at 956-451-0440