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McA2 Creative Incubator Program


A thriving creative sector, including arts, culture and for-profit creative businesses, contributes to the economic prosperity and quality of life of McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley. Our creative sector is strengthened with capacity-building services provided by the art, business, creative communities, while business professionals learn new approaches to creativity, leadership and innovation by working with the creative sector.


The McAllen Creative Incubator (MCA2) strengthens our creative sector, including arts, culture and for-profit creative businesses, by engaging the art, business, creative communities, providing capacity-building services, and serving as a thought leader and a convener. MCA2, with the support of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, is uniquely positioned to actively connect the creative sector with the art, business, and creative communities.

What is the McAllen Creative Incubator:

The McAllen Creative Incubator is a venue that offers low cost studios for start-up artists.  The Incubator is meant to foster the creativity of the tenants and provide emerging artists and organizations with managerial, legal, and technical support.  The goal of the McAllen Creative Incubator is to support the continued professional growth of artists in order to enhance the cultural and economic vitality of our local community. The McAllen Creative Incubator will market and publicize the Incubator as a creative cooperative. Marketing materials will be created to promote the Incubator and its resident artists.  Events will be held at the incubator to develop dynamic relationships between art, artists, audiences and the public.

What artists can expect from the McA2 Creative Incubator:

  • Low cost studio spaces on reasonable terms, fully air-conditioned and heated with electricity provided at no extra charge.
  • Spaces for exhibitions, screenings and performances.

Professional consultant to help with business advice i.e. business plans and marketing.  The provided consultation appointments should be set a month in advance:

Business Management Workshops:

  • Business Plan
  • Creating a Portfolio
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright