Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop for Beginners
Enroll Now for Summer Classes

-Level #1. Introduction…Learn how to use tools, Layers, Images, Resolution, Save digital & print version,
Edition of photos “Basic Mode”.

-Level #2 & #3 – Learn how to drive the best program for Pictures, Advertising, Social Media,
Digital Art, Graphic Designers….more for Layers, Dimensions, Color, FX, Composition & shortcuts!!!
****Do not wait to enroll in our classes… Every Saturday @ June, July & August 2018.****
Enroll Now for Summer Classes!!
$150.00 / Month / 8hrs
(Only Saturday /2hrs / 4wks)

Intensive: 16hrs/ month ( More Practice & More Fast)
2days @ week

To Register Call or Text
[956] 5 3 4 – 5 0 8 8

Must use your own Laptop or Mac book.
Classes in Spanish or English.
Bilingual Classes…
“En EspaƱol o Ingles vas aprender mucho!!!”

**No for Tablets / No iPads / No mobile version / only Computer version***
The Photoshop Software, If you can download on @ trial mode for 1st class.
Javier Vite – Viteman 360 Pixels
Digital & Art Designer