ACTIN Classes in McAllen

Publicidad Febrero 2016


In the city of McAllen art continues to evolve.  Once again the McAllen Creative Incubator welcomes ACTIN – “Actuación Integral” for all children and adolescents in the Río Grande Valley.  Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday for children ages 7 to 15 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Registration opens on Tuesday, January, 26th and Thursday, January, 28th from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.  Registration is for the first quarter of ACTIN classes, February to April at McAllen Creative Incubator, Suite 9, 601 N Main St. McAllen.

“ACTIN is a space made for children to create, invent, learn to participate and collaborate in groups.” Sais Elizabeth Ayala, ACTIN Teacher, “As an art form, ACTING Children’s theater classes are therapeutic and socializing.”

Another purpose for the basics of acting-skills are that it allows the student to gain self-confidence, release the fear of public speaking, exercise  memory skills , improve concentration, stimulate creativity while controlling their emotions. A Student who receives ACTIN classes gains skills for personal development and not necessarily becomes an actor or actress.  On the other hand, ACTIN can help with the preparation process and guide the student to various means of theater, film and television.

Acting classes are taught in Spanish to reinforce the language and speak properly.  For more information call (956) 624.8239 and social networks and Twitter: @ actin2014.  For more information about the ongoing programs at the McAllen Creative Incubator contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787 or via email at


Contact:  Laura Robles, Cultural Arts and Incubator Coordinator

McAllen Creative Incubator

Phone:  956-687-2787