“Imaginings” a porcelain exhibit by Miriam Smith

This month of November the McAllen Creative Incubator features artist Miriam Smith.  It will be her third art exposition at McA2.  While every medium is important to her, Porcelain is her passion.  The other mediums that will be displayed include Landscapes painted in oil and a series of Acrylics, which she has titled “Imaginings”.

Miriam, who also studied art in California, fondly recalls those distinguished artists she once worked and learned from, like Barbara Jensen, Jene Harpor and  Celee Evans.  The distinguished artists is proud to have studied alongside Birget Porter, who is also a Porcelain Painter that studied at the Royal Palace in Germany.

“Porcelain painting, is a beautiful way to display art in your home or office.” Said Mrs. Smith, “art is like a treasure that can be passed on from generation to generation, adding invaluable worth to it as the years go by.”

Miriam offers a flexible schedule and personalized attention, when teaching the Art.  For more information about her classes or to inquire about her art, contact Ms. Smith at 559-381-8094 or via email at miriam.blanco.ms@gmail.com.