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Lian Cheng Shingler


Lian Cheng Shingler is from China. She is a graduate of Chongqing Normal Unitversity and Shenzhen University in China. Ms. Shingler is a Dancer, Magician, Artist( Embrodery), Fitness and Martial arts ,Tai chi Yoga instructor. As a child she liked to watch the neighborhood women, while they embroidered and learned the art of embroidering. Through the years her love for this traditional art form grew. She continued to develop her embroidery skills, and has held a exhibit in 2007 at the International Museum of Arts and Science in McAllen. Lian is also a very talented performer of Magic and Chinese Opera, specializing in Bian Lian, or “Face Change”. During the past fifteen years she has performed throughout China and in the United States cities of Hidalgo, McAllen, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and New York. Lian Cheng Shingler, is a recipient of numerous awards for her skills in Tai Chi, Yoga, Kung Fu Wushu, Sword, fan and Ballroom, Folk, Baller, Latin, Bollywood and Belly dancing. In Beijing her instructor was a famous magician Jeff’s Mcbride. Recently she won twice first place for two different Magic shows in South Texas talent competitions and has attended International Brotherhood of Magicians .

Ms Lian holds Certificates as a Fitness, Martial arts and Dance instructor.

She has received many honors and awards for organizing Chinese Dragon and Lion Dances promoting Chinese culture. She is owner and manager of the Asian Culture Company in McAllen, Texas. Her company’s primary various types of dance instruction, magic show and events.


Lian Cheng Schingler