MATICES-Art Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator


MATICES- Art Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator

MATICES Art Classes are designed to familiarize students with the wonderful world of artistic painting and its tools.  Coco & Martha, who are the founders of MATICES Art Studio, believe that education in art allows feelings to flow, art exploration and understanding of the transformation that reality evolves into when interpreted into Art.  At the same time art facilitates the integral and harmonious development of the human qualities, promotes the understanding and expression of beauty, in a relaxed classroom atmosphere where students help each other and socialize.

“Art is recommended by experts, as a high power therapy” said Coco Salinas, Matices Art Teacher.  “We offer painting classes to children, young adults and adults on Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, in the mornings from 10 am to 1 pm and in the evenings from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.  The schedule variety allows for the busy morning/evening student to join our class.” concluded Ms. Salinas.   Class length is an hour and a half and includes the necessary materials!  To register please contact MATICES Studio at  (956) 739 3869 Martha Hinojosa or  (956) 451 0440 Coco Salinas.

MATICES is located inside the McAllen Creative Incubator at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen.  The “Incubator” as it is called by its students, is in McAllen’s booming Art District on Main Street and is open to the public.  For more information on upcoming classes or events visit us at or 956-687-2787.