McAllen Chamber presents Community Classes at The Creative Incubator



McAllen Chamber presents Community Classes at The Creative Incubator 

The McAllen Creative Incubator (McA2) is a department of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce’s Convention and Visitors’ Bureau and exists to support and promote the arts within the community. McA2 has been in existence for over a decade and continues to support, promote and develop programs in support of the Cultural Arts.

Community Classes is a series of classes meant to engage adults in creative processes and to continue to expose residents to the cultural arts.  Our goal of the upcoming workshops, is to connect local artists’ portions of the community interested in arts related events, thereby building a stronger community.

Community Classes will offer:

Aerobics Fitness & Toning group training with Trey                        

Chinese Language                                                                                           

Crafts with Adriana (Bilingual/Bilingue)                                               

Drama Basics for Adults (Bilingual/Bilingue)                                        

English for beginners                                                                                   

Guitar/Guitarra (Bilingual/Bilingue)                                                      

Karaoke Club-Voice Instruction                                                                 

Motorcycle Safety & Certification                                                          

Photoshop I (Bilingual/Bilingue)                                                                

Poetry Writing                                                                                              

Principals of Drawing Instruction (Bilingual/Bilingue)                     

TAI CHI                                                                                                                

The Art of Autobiographical Writing                                                     

Vocal Coaching (Bilingual/Bilingue)                                                      

Yoga Class                                                                                                         

 As well as Spanish Courses:

El Arte De Hablar en Publico                                                                       

Manualidades con Nora Garza                                                                  

Principios de Dibujo-Instruccional                                                          

Taller de Composicion                                                                                

Teoria y Practica del Color                                                                         

Courses begin February 2017.  Register today at

Contact:  Laura Robles, Cultural Arts and Incubator Coordinator
McAllen Creative Incubator
Phone:  956-687-2787