Studio 9 – ACTIN Studio

ACTIN Studio

ACTIN ! The Acting Studio is offering Acting and Drama Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator. ACTIN Studio is run by Elizabeth Ayala, an extremely accomplished acting and theater teacher who has been teaching acting classes at the theater groups in Reynosa. Classes will teach participants about the entire art of acting from presentation to creativity.

“I have heard of Elizabeth Ayala prior to meeting her recently and her career’s reputation for professionalism has preceded her.” said Ivan Gonzalez, Director of Arts Development for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce. “This is going to be an excellent marriage between ACTIN and the McAllen Creative Incubator. We are both committed to excellence in the arts and that makes for an exceptional combination.”

With acting opportunities growing in the Valley, now is the time to learn the art of theater. You will learn audition skills, improvisation, scene study, monologues, cold reading, text analysis, character development, voice, and movement. They will also teach you believable acting skills, help you build confidence and communication skills, develop your self-esteem and enhance your creativity.

Now is the time to discover your talent. Group acting classes for kids and teens as well as private acting classes are available. Try a free class, these are going to be informative and professionally produced acting classes and will be held on Tuesday January 21st and Thursday January 23rd at 6:00pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator located at 601 N. Main St. For more information or to register, please contact Elizabeth Ayala at (956) 624-8239.