South Valley Performing Arts Studio “Rondalla” Invite!



South Valley Performing Arts Studio “Rondalla” Invite!

At South Valley Performing Arts Studio (SVPA Studio) we are excited to be part of the creative team that makes up the McAllen Creative Incubator.

Today we invite young enthusiasts between 8 and 17 years and older, to join the first Youth Rondalla del Valle!    There’s no need to play the guitar to be part of the Rondalla, as it has never been easier to learn to sing and play guitar.

What is a Rondalla ? The Rondallas are usually a group of young people who sing and play guitar at the same time. Performances are in front of homes, restaurants or requested locations, the Rondalla songs are usually romantic, running themes of love, and serenades.

The most active times for a Rondallas are February 14, Mother’s Day, and even birthdays.  Serenade with a Rondalla or with mariachi takes place here in the Valley.  While it will be a battle for the public to expresses their opinion of which musical group is best, what if we make history and start our Rondalla from scratch?

This invite goes out to all, but remember that space is limited.  The groups will form as follows:  three groups, one with young people from 8 to 13 years, another group with young people from 14 to 17 years, and a 18 or older group will also open.

Keep in mind that in addition to this project, the first Youth Rondalla del Valle, SVPA also offers regular group courses and private Singing, Guitar, Piano and performance.

Additionally, I want to remind you that we are about to start courses in Spanish theater for children over 7 years, adolescents and adults! with Mtra. Lucia Macías.

Join us! It is part of SVPA Studio and McAllen Creative Incubator.  For more information, please contact us via text message closer to our Facebook page @svpaStudio.

The goal of the McAllen Creative Incubator is to support the continued professional growth of artists and enhance the cultural and economic vitality of our local community.   For more information about Incubator Tenants contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787 or via email at