Studio 1 – Let’s Paint

Let’s Paint by Alma Casso

 Alma Casso’s passion is evident in every one of her paintings.  It is fed by her innate ability to find beauty everywhere, and her desire to share it.   In their strong movement, their layers of color, texture and light, her paintings pulse with the lushness of the environments that have shaped her unique view of the world.  First, there was Campeche, on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, where she was born and spent her early years.  Set on a cliff at the edge of lush, green jungle growth, the white buildings of colonial Campeche overlooked the brilliantly water where the Gulf of Mexico merges with the Caribbean Sea.  Later, living in the arid Mexico/Texas border region of Reynosa, Alma learned to appreciate the special light, space and subtleties of open land, with its signature shapes of cacti and mesquite. Still later, she attended school in Monterrey, where she could view the endless shapes of the Sierra Madre Mountains from every window. Eventually Alma settled in the Rio Grande Valley.

With a bachelor’s degree in communication, and an MBA, Alma pursued a successful career that led her to work in education, business, government and healthcare.  But always stirring in her heart was that desire she had felt since girlhood, of wanting to be an artist – to capture and share the beauty she saw.  In 2000, she succumbed, and threw herself into experimenting in many media – oils, acrylics, egg tempera, sometimes even using raw pigments.  Studying with a number of artists, Alma developed her own, intense style, using brushes, palette knives and even her fingers to fulfill the free and fluid expressions of the emotions that drive her.

“I want people to feel an emotional impact when they see my work,” Alma says.  “I want them to realize they are surrounded by beauty, by energy, and this is what gives meaning to life.”

“The Chamber believes strongly in promoting the artists in our community,” said Ivan Gonzalez, Cultural Arts Director for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce.  “By displaying local artwork, we not only promote our local artists but we also give visitors a sense of the talent that exists in the Valley.”

Now is the time to discover your talent. Group paint classes for kids and adults as well as private paint classes are available. These are going to be creative and professionally produced painting classes and will be at the McAllen Creative Incubator located at 601 N Main St. For more information or to register, please contact Alma Casso at (956) 507-0414