Studio 18 – Adrian Guerrero

Adrian Miguel Guerrero
Studio 18

Hollywood, here I come! This start-up production studio will do everything necessary to
get a film or play made public from writing, acting, directing, producing, pre and post-production
and music.
Ever since Adrian Miguel Guerrero was a young boy, he was smitten with the movie bug,
re-enacting movies right after he watched them, pretending to be the hero, the star.
“Ever since I was a little kid, all my experiences have built me to be the type of person I
am today,” Guerrero said. “This is a stepping stone to help me continue building my experience
until I reach my ultimate goal of producing large scale film and theatre productions”.
Guerrero has already produced one feature film – Campeon – and four short films –
Hunch, G and I, Here For You, and Bloodsport Jr. After eight years as a theater teacher at
Mission Junior High, he developed Studio 18 to have a space to create the many ideas coming
his way. An artist, writer, producer, director and actor, Guerrero uses all his talents in making his,
and others’, ideas come to life. “I’m fighting for my dream.”
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Adrian Miguel Guerrero
Studio 18