Studio & Workspace available at an affordable price at the McAllen Creative Incubator

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce is now accepting applications for artists who are interested in becoming tenants of the McAllen Creative Incubator.  With help from the city, the McAllen Chamber has created 20 low cost artist studios and office spaces for expanding artists and art organizations.  The Cultural Arts Department houses artists of different art disciplines such as porcelain painting, choir lessons and a children’s Acting Studio, just to name a few.  The studio space available is a 12 x 12 space and rents for $175.00 a month.

To apply for studio space, interested artists need to submit a completed application, samples of work, resume and a business plan.   Applications can be pick-up at the Creative Incubator located at 601 N. Main Street, McAllen  or it is also available online at

For assistance with the business plan, set an appointment with Mr. Jorge Sanchez, Business Development Coordinator for the McAllen Chamber of Commerce at 956-687-2787.  Completed application and business plan can be submitted directly to the McAllen Creative Incubator or the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, at 1200 Ash, P.O. Box 790, McAllen, 78505.

Studio Available 2016