Coco Salinas

“I paint different topics and find myself in the art. To me the world is art and we are all artists,” Coco Salinas said “All nature, people, the beauty of the human face, abstract and figurative, everything is art, everything is beautiful and everything can be translated onto a canvas. My wish is to help others find themselves through art.”

Coco Salinas has a passion for Art. She aims to capture the beauty of the simple things with a stroke of the paint brush. The abstract objects, the freshness of a fruit, the hidden beauty of an old tree but mostly her work convey an emotion to be captured by sitting, observing and drinking some coffee, tea or wine, as someone would do with a great friend. Ms. Salinas is currently accepting applications for new student. As a teacher, Coco offers, no intention to change the students’ world view, but offers advice through her own artwork. Art is her business, her passion, her dream. Art is the window into her world.

Coco Salinas

Hand paint Porcelain Exhibit by Miriam Smith


Hands painted Porcelain Exhibits are not common in South Texas, therefore we are proud to present Ms. Miriam Smith, a Porcelain Painting Artists which studio resides at the McAllen Creative Incubator.  Mrs. Smith is part of the International Porcelain Artists and Teacher Incorporation and has created an array of art pieces for display at her first Exhibition this year.  Miriam has also studied art in California alongside distinguished artists like Barbara Jensen, Jene Harpor, Celee Evans and Birget Porter, who is a Porcelain Painter that studied at the Royal Palace in Germany.

“Porcelain painting is a beautiful way of displaying art in your home or office.  A personally created art piece can be passed on from generation to generation, adding invaluable worth to it as the years go by.  People should consider taking the classes I offer, because the uncommon practice of this art is slowly disappearing, eventually making the Porcelain Painting Technique nonexistent.” explained Ms. Smith.

Miriam offers classes at her studio, on a flexible schedule, to a small number of students, making the instruction a one to one priority.  For more information contact Ms. Smith at 559-381-8094.

On November 6th during Art Walk from 7pm-9pm, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Miriam Smith’s art Exhibition on display at the McAllen Creative Incubator.  The Incubator is located at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen, Texas.  For further information or to learn how you can exhibit your art at the Incubator, contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787.

Start your own business on a low budget-Workshop

Elizabeth Davis

Ms. Elizabeth Davis is an Industrial Engineer Manager and has certifications in handling humanistic and emotional skills.  On November 2, 2015, from 3pm to 5pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator, Ms. Davis, an entrepreneur since the age of 22, shares her expertise and techniques on how to jumpstart your business.

In this workshop she teaches the steps to expand the business you are passionate about.  In this two hour session, you will interact with Ms. Davis to structure & formalize the steps to develop your business idea.

“Do you have a business idea to develop and do not know where to start?  Is your home-based business ready to take the next step without risk of loss?  Is your Micro Enterprise not working or growing as you had planned?” asked Ms. Davis “If so, in this workshop I can answer all those questions for you, interested?  Start the change you wish and sign up today.”

The expectation to have, by taking advantage of this workshop are:
1. You will gain the proper business mind set and find the benefiting business sector for your type of product, service and/or business.
2. You will learn the importance of 5 key concepts of the principal attitude towards your business development strategy to gain success in your business.
3. We will address the 5 main factors why the majority of Micro Enterprises fail within the first year of trial.

4. Finally you will learn the 4 basic steps to develop and launch your business

The workshop fee is $50, but the knowledge you gain will last forever, register by contacting Elizabeth Davis at 956-776-2994 or email her at .  The Workshop is November 2nd, from 3pm to 5pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator, located at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen.


This is the first concert of 2015’s fall season
This coming October 11th Viol Consort String Ensemble presents: Chamber Music Concert Nights,  first concert of 2015’s fall season at 7:00pm  in  the  McAllen Creative Incubator (601 N. Main St.) Chamber Music Concert Nights it’s a program of educational concerts with a variety of classical music with the purpose of making art more accessible and understandable to the community.
This coming  concert is dedicated to Central Africa Republic, one of the poorest countries in Africa, with worse humanitarian crisis and Viol Consort String Ensemble will be collecting NEW pair of shoes or shirts for vulnerable orphans and women in Central Africa.
The talented ensemble  invites you to be in solidarity with the needy  bringing your donation to the concert and  helping them to complete the goal of 100 PAIRS OF NEW SHOES AND SHIRTS for vulnerable orphans and women in Central Africa.
Viol Consort String Ensemble  was founded in 2001 by  violinist and music-arranger Sam Heredia. He is joined by violinist Sarah Torres, violist Miguel Gutierrez, and cellist Abran Garcia.  As classical crossover specialists VCSE excels in multiple styles – from baroque,classical, romantic, contemporary,  jazz, tango, pop and more . Since its concert debut in 2001, Viol Consort String Quartet has offered its exclusive  literature to local, national and international audiences in a variety of venues that include concert halls,  festivals, museums, and classrooms,for the sole purpose of promoting a cultural environment within reach of the whole community, especially in the Rio Grande Valley  where Viol Consort started  the program of 2 concert seasons per year  in McAllen Texas presenting eight didactic concerts  at the McAllen Creative Incubator (old library).  facebook: Viol Consort String Ensemble

Computer Class for Photographers Led by Ruth Hoyt

A young bobcat stares toward the photo blind where the photographer is sitting, before it approaches the water hole for a long drink. Photo Merge of files 0659 and 0662

A young bobcat stares toward the photo blind where the photographer is sitting, before it approaches the water hole for a long drink.
Photo Merge of files 0659 and 0662

Have you ever taken a photo that was almost perfect, but needed an adjustment, touch-up or “a little help” to make the photo look like what you wanted? This month professional nature photographer, writer and instructor Ruth Hoyt leads an evening computer class for novice to experienced photographers: “Learning Photoshop.”

The Photoshop class covers setting up a laptop or desktop computer with Adobe Photoshop software and learning how to use the software to edit, process, adjust and enhance photographs.

The class takes place on six evenings over a two-week timeframe – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights on October 19th, 20th, 21st and 26th, 27th and 28th. Class begins promptly at 6:30pm and ends at 8:30pm at the McAllen Creative Incubator, 601 N Main Street, McAllen, Texas.

No previous experience with Photoshop is required, but for participants to have a hands-on experience they are encouraged to bring laptop computers and digital photos. The version of Photoshop that Ms. Hoyt uses is the most current version, “Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.”

Cost for this class is $250; past participants receive a discount. Registration should be made by contacting instructor Ruth Hoyt directly via email ( or phone (956-330-2900)

The McAllen Creative Incubator is located at 601 N. Main Street, in the Cultural Arts District of McAllen.  The “Incubator” as it is called by its students, admission free and open to the public.  For more information on upcoming classes or events visit us at or 956-687-2787.

Studio portrait of Ruth Hoyt

Studio portrait of Ruth Hoyt

THE LAST BATTLE OF THE CIVIL WAR by The Pharr Community Theater in McAllen

“THE LAST BATTLE OF THE CIVIL WAR”, a two-act musical drama, will be performed by The Pharr Community Theater in McAllen, Texas.   With 13 local cast members, this play will premier this Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 7:30 pm at The Las Palmas Community Center, 1921 N 25 Street, McAllen, TX. (Free Admission.).

One Hundred and Fifty years ago, on May 12-13 1865, The Last Battle of The Civil War took place near Palmito Ranch by Brownsville, TX.   Come see our story which is based on this historical event.  This free performance is brought to you by The Pharr Community Theater Co. through a grant from the McAllen Arts Council with support from the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and Texas Commission on the Arts.

For more information call 956-681-3350 or 956-648-2488


Poster_11X17_LasPalmas_final (518x800)

Artist Fausto Olguín exhibits at the McAllen Creative Incubator

2015-09-09 17.26.37

Fausto Olguín was born in Mexico.  Mr. Olguin, fond of the Arts since childhood, began taking as an example, lessons from a political uncle, the artist Rufino Tamayo, who guided him in his youth to the use of different pictorial techniques.  First, creating Arts as a hobby and then so professionally since 1960.

This September the Creative Incubator has the honor to display for the public in McAllen and nearby cities, the exhibition of paintings by Fausto Olguin.  Mr. Olguin, exhibits some religious work, landscape, typical Mexican festivity, religious art and impressionism and abstract impressionism.

“I have been in many places like Mexico City and the State of Mexico, Puebla, cities like Coahuila, Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa where I participated in several group exhibits, alongside teachers as Artemio Guerra, Mari Carmen Aguirre, among others,” Said Mr. Olguin “And now as a new resident in the city of McAllen, here I am making my “Knick knacks.” Olguin said with a smile on his face.

His works will remain on display until the end of September in the Atrium of the McAllen Creative Incubator, located at 601 N Main Street in McAllen, Texas. The Incubator is open from 9 am to 6 pm daily and admission is free. All art work on display is for sale, for more information about this exhibition can contact the artist Fausto Olguín at 956-598-2434.

The McAllen Creative Incubator offers various artists the opportunity to exhibit their art. For more information on how to exhibit at the Incubator contact Laura Robles at 956-687-2787 or via email at

The Chachetones recives McAllen Art’s Councile Grant


The Chachetones recives McAllen Art’s Councile Grant

The McAllen Arts Council supports and encourages the development of a citywide arts culture and infrastructure that includes all disciplines of the arts. The Goal of the MAC, is to support artists, offer opportunities for young people and encourage artistic growth. In April the Council awarded Grants to individuals and Organizations to carry out their objectives in bringing Art to the surrounding communities in McAllen. The funding enables them to bring life-changing benefits to their communities.  Recipients are given the opportunity to promote a deeper appreciation for the arts through the support of the McAllen Arts Council who strives to enable organizations to thrive, not just survive.

One of the grant recipients includes the Chachetones, as in Cache-tones. They are a musical band that goes beyond entertaining audiences with their original music by also serving the community through their promotion of positive social causes.  The band has participated in the RGV (Real Good Vibes) Drum and Dance Circle, which focuses meditation and prayer for the wellbeing of the 1.5 million people in the Rio Grande Valley. The Cachetones will use the grant funds to acquire musical equipment that will enable them to record their music at live performances and within their studio.

When asked what type of music the Cachetones performs, Richard Barned, band leader, proclaimed, “A whole new genre called Rhythm & Bliss, its music that celebrates the joys of living with rhythms to revive the living dead.”

Auditions for colibrí children’s choir at the Incubator!


The colibrí children’s choir is a community, auditioned treble choir for students in fourth through ninth grade. Students are selected on the basis of their aural and vocal potential, their desire to sing, their ability to learn quickly and their willingness to work hard.

Auditions for colibrí children’s choir will be held Saturday, September 12th at the McAllen Creative Incubator! Children colibri Choir has participated in McAllen’s Posada as well as other events and its led by Carol Brown.

Carol J. Brown, director, taught in McAllen ISD for 18 years and at IDEA Quest for 4 years. Her Navarro Elementary Children’s Choir twice appeared at state and national music teachers conventions in San Antonio, Texas. She is in her fourth year as music specialist and choir director at Stuart Place Elementary in Harlingen TX.  She received a Bachelor of Music from the University of Texas – Austin and a Master of Music Education from Indiana University – Bloomington where she also studied Folklore and Ethnomusicology. She earned a Two-Year Diploma from the Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music in Kecskemét, Hungary, and she studied horn at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. She trains music teachers in the Kodály method in various universities around the country. She plays horn with the Valley Symphony Orchestra and South Texas Lyric Opera.

“Ever since my work with Dr. Mary Goetze and the Indiana University Children’s Choir, I has been passionate about teaching children to sing.” Said Ms. Brown.

The Creative Incubator is located at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen, entrance is thru the Alley.  Sign up today for Saturday, September 12th auditions! Learn more about Colibri at  or sign up by calling 956-307-6074.