Jose Ernesto Cervantes

MÉXICO + U.S.A. FRIENDS FOREVER Exhibit by Ernesto Cervantes



Born in Pharr, Texas and raised in Monterrey, México,  Ernesto Cervantes is an artist that has travel around México and the U.S. learning about their culture, traditions and appreciating their landscapes.

In his exhibition: México + U.S.A. Friends Forever, Ernesto brings us parts of these two worlds, their colors, their textures, their diversity; you will feel immersed as part of the journey. Through his photographs, you will appreciate similarities and contrasts of how this two great countries have grown together, like two great friends.

Jose Ernesto Cervantes

Juego? Can I play? a short film


Two siblings visit their cousins. Joey goes to the park with her cousin and discovers a new world filled with friendship, fun and inclusion; while Angelina decides to stay home with her smartphone.

Juego? (Can I play?) is a shortfilm that promotes values such as acceptance, peace, diversity and friendship in a very entertaining way rescuing traditional Mexican and American games.

Dos hermanos van a visitar a sus primos. Joey sale a jugar al parque con su prima y descubre un mundo nuevo de amistad, diversión y aceptación; mientras Angelina prefiere quedarse en casa con su celular.

Juego? Es un cortometraje bilingüe que invita a los niños a jugar y promueve valores de aceptación, paz, diversidad y amistad de una manera muy divertida y rescatando juegos tradicionales mexicanos y americanos.

Jose Ernesto Cervantes

Poem Productions by Ernesto Cervantes


Born in Pharr, Texas and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Ernesto Cervantes always loved the world of cinematography.  At 32 years of age, he decided to follow his passion and began studying the craft by taking workshops on photography and cinematography.

“What I love about photography is that you can always find the beautiful side of life,” Ernesto says.

Ernesto took his show on the road, shooting portraits, landscapes and urban photos across Mexico and the U.S. Working professionally with actors, models, musicians and dancers, he continues to hone his craft.

Ernesto is available for portrait, wedding, maternity, child, pets and quinceanera photography and video.

Workshops on composition, lighting, and portraits are available. Also available are workshops in cinematography and video production for short films, video blogs, and music videos.  He offers advanced and beginner workshops.

For times of sessions or workshops, please call or email. For times of sessions or workshops, please call or email at 956/310-3821,

“I’m eager to share my passion of telling stories through using different perspectives, like psychologically or visually, by applying various camera angles and settings,” He says.