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McAllen String Academy by Sam Heredia and Sara Torres

The McAllen String Academy is open to children ages 5 to 18 who wish to study the violin through a curriculum that includes private and group lessons, theory and master classes, chamber music and performance opportunities.

Instruction is based upon the methods and philosophies of Mimi Zweig , Sam Heredia and Peter Martin. Beginning students participate in a weekly private and/or group lesson. Parents are required to attend the private and group lessons and participate in the daily practice. The first years of musical instruction are the most important for they set the stage for everything that follows. Even if students do not chose to become professional musicians upon the completion of their studies, all take with them the love and understanding of music, only attainable after years of study.


All students enrolled in the McAllen String Academy will participate in a weekly private and group lesson. Lessons are offered during the  fall and winter semesters, and the  spring semester following the public school schedule. Initial private lessons begin with the establishment of the basic violin, viola and cello set-up which sets the foundation for all successful future violin study. The Peter Martin repertoire is used, supplemented early on by additional folk songs, fiddle tunes, Classical concerti and dances. Group classes include ensemble playing, ear training, solo performance and theory instruction. The group setting provides a positive learning environment and brings children together who share the same interests.

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Professor and researcher at the Faculty of Music at the Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas 2004 – 2012.

  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education “Teaching for Understanding February to May 2004.
  • Harvard University Graduate School of Education “Teaching for Understanding II September to December 2004
  • Professional Development Seminar, “Teaching for Understanding and Multiple Intelligences” 2004
  • Project Advisory Excpedia “Care Center Student Talent
  • Professor Faculty of Music 2006 Coordinator of Student Services Centre Student Talent
  •  Academic Body Arts for Human Development, Research: “Absolute Ear and motor learning”
  • Pitch Relationship, Emotion, Sight-reading and conclusions.
  • Seminar on “Cognitive Neuroscience of Music” 2006
  • Seminar on “Cognitive Neuroscience of Music II” 2006
  • “Course of Multiple Intelligences“: Observing Student Interdisciplinary Understanding
  • “Course of Multiple Intelligences”: The Arts and Understanding.
  •  “Course of Multiple Intelligences”: Making Thinking Visible.
  • “Study Group”His work includes teaching several graduate-level



She began her musical studies at the age of 15 in the faculty of of music in Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, thanks to his tenacity and discipline is chosen to be part of a select group of students in the project excpedia in 2005, is now where she begins her serious studies violin under the tutelage and supervision of the teacher and soloist Samuel Gonzalez and director of the University Symphony: Juan Maldonado. In the summer of 2005 participates with his presentation on the topic: the origin of the violin in the house of culture of Tampico.

During college scholarship has been to take classes in other states and internationally renowned teachers as Agniezka Maklakiewicz, Arturo Romero  and Israel Capilla among others. As an orchestral musician active is part of Viol Consort Chamber Orchestra and has accompanied renowned artists as Placido Domingo with the Symphony Orchestra of the Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas.

The profile has a large violin repertoire includes works by Mozart, Albinoni, Bach, Beethoven, Bruch, Seitz, Beriot, among others, which has been interpreted in different rooms of the republic. She concludes her Bachelor of Music specializing in violin in December 2010.

Currently leads the string orchestra for children and holds the post of Director Academic studies in the center of musical crescendo.



El Dia en que me quieras by Viol Consort

A Thousand Years by Viol Consort

Make you feel my love by Viol Consort

Amazing Grace by Viol Consort

Viol Consort String Ensemble at Cimarron – Weddings

Rolling in the deep by Viol Consort (String Quartet)

McAllen String Academy – Carolyn Tudor

McAllen String Academy – Tatiana Summer Evaluation 2013

McAllen String Academy Julian – Recital summer 2013

McAllen String Academy – Frances – Go for it Recital June 21st 2013



Welcome to McAllen String Academy 2014 summer Camp.

The camp is designed children from 5 years old to teenagers.
Full Camp (5 days a week) Mornings
Half Camp (2 days a week) Afternoons
Children under 8 years are one hour classes.
children over 8 years classes last an hour and half.


Children older than 8 years in full camp: $ 300
Children older than 8 years in half camp: $ 150
Children under 8 years in full camp: 250
Children under 8 years in half camp: $ 120



Phone: (956) 280 6706