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Spanish-Painting Classes for Children, Teens & Adults

2017 Summer Camps


The McAllen Creative Incubator is proud to host the following Camps, where students can expand their creativity beyond school curriculum. Contact the Instructor for more info! Additionally, McA2 is participating in the Summer Food & Nutrition Program, which provides free nutritious meals. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided by MISD, from June 5 to August 4th to children ages 18 years of age and under. Adults can purchase a meal at a reasonable price.

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Coco Salinas

“I paint different topics and find myself in the art. To me the world is art and we are all artists,” Coco Salinas said “All nature, people, the beauty of the human face, abstract and figurative, everything is art, everything is beautiful and everything can be translated onto a canvas. My wish is to help others find themselves through art.”

Coco Salinas has a passion for Art. She aims to capture the beauty of the simple things with a stroke of the paint brush. The abstract objects, the freshness of a fruit, the hidden beauty of an old tree but mostly her work convey an emotion to be captured by sitting, observing and drinking some coffee, tea or wine, as someone would do with a great friend. Ms. Salinas is currently accepting applications for new student. As a teacher, Coco offers, no intention to change the students’ world view, but offers advice through her own artwork. Art is her business, her passion, her dream. Art is the window into her world.

Coco Salinas

Incubators Feature Artist of the Month- Coco Salinas


Incubators Feature Artist of the Month- Coco Salinas

Cocó Salinas D’ Soto is an Acrylic Painter who was born in Monterrey, México, but now lives and works in McAllen, TX. Cocos’ passion for painting comes from childhood, her early works were self-taught.  At the age of  fifteen Coco began to take workshops with Mexican visual artist such as Martha Puerta and Lupina Flores.  Ms. Salinas obtained a Diploma in AC Art and Art History at the Contemporary Museum of Monterrey (MARCO).

Some of Coco Salinas’ Art Exhibits have taken place at the Blanqueo Museum, San Pedro Garza Garcia and other venues in the city of Monterrery; Her work has been promoted among local collectors, which has achieved wide acceptance. Coco Salinas is currently an Art instructor at the McAllen Creative Incubator, where she also has a studio.  Ms. Salinas uses various techniques such as oil, acrylic, mixed media, textured, pencil, prismacolor and charcoal. Personal paintings by Ms. Salinas are made on fabric, wood, metal and ceramics, among others. In addition to art Ms. Salinas has conducted workshops in Poetry, Speech and Performing Arts.

“The essence that I wish to convey in my Art work is intended to stir emotions through play between backgrounds, figures and space, capturing the everyday with respect to each of my works and especially the audience that can appreciate it.”  Said Ms. Salinas  “I aspire to capture the beauty of the simple stroke of the abstract, the freshness of a fruit, hidden beauty of an old tree but especially all my work conveys the sense of  an emotional permanence such as to sit, watch and sip some coffee, tea or wine, as if accompanied by a great friend. This is my passion, my dream, the window to the world.”

Coco Salinas is the Creative Incubator Artist of the month for December.  Her work will remain on display until December 28th at the McAllen Creative Incubator, located at 601 N. Main Street, McAllen, Texas. The Incubator opens from 9am-6pm daily and admission is free.  All art work on display is available for sale.  The McAllen Creative Incubator welcomes the opportunity to help artist display their art. For more information, contact Laura Robles, or at 956-687-2787.  To learn more about our facility, visit our web page at

MATICES-Art Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator


MATICES- Art Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator

MATICES Art Classes are designed to familiarize students with the wonderful world of artistic painting and its tools.  Coco & Martha, who are the founders of MATICES Art Studio, believe that education in art allows feelings to flow, art exploration and understanding of the transformation that reality evolves into when interpreted into Art.  At the same time art facilitates the integral and harmonious development of the human qualities, promotes the understanding and expression of beauty, in a relaxed classroom atmosphere where students help each other and socialize.

“Art is recommended by experts, as a high power therapy” said Coco Salinas, Matices Art Teacher.  “We offer painting classes to children, young adults and adults on Thursdays, Friday and Saturdays, in the mornings from 10 am to 1 pm and in the evenings from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.  The schedule variety allows for the busy morning/evening student to join our class.” concluded Ms. Salinas.   Class length is an hour and a half and includes the necessary materials!  To register please contact MATICES Studio at  (956) 739 3869 Martha Hinojosa or  (956) 451 0440 Coco Salinas.

MATICES is located inside the McAllen Creative Incubator at 601 N. Main Street in McAllen.  The “Incubator” as it is called by its students, is in McAllen’s booming Art District on Main Street and is open to the public.  For more information on upcoming classes or events visit us at or 956-687-2787.

Matices Summer Art Camp

Matices to hold Summer Classes at the McAllen Creative Incubator. Come and paint in Acrylic & Oil.

For more Information contact Martha Hinojosa at 956-739-3869 or Coco Salinas at 956-451-0440