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G2 Collaborative
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Wendy Gilbert is originally from Connecticut but has lived in the Rio Grande Valley for over 20 years. Fred Gonzalez is a McAllen native. Both are graduates of UTPA.
The G Squared Collaborative began in 2011 through our collaboration (Gilbert & Gonzalez) as middle school art teachers at DeLeon Middle School in McAllen, TX. While their personal art styles are different, both agree that process, creativity and experimentation are the center of a strong visual arts program. The team has personally work in a variety of materials both 2D & 3D, traditional and digital.

The G Squared Collaborative is their way of introducing an art program to the public, getting more involved in the local community art scene, and advocating for the importance of art and creativity education. Specializing in middle school and high school age students, they will work with people of all ages, individuals and groups, at all levels of experience.

Influences, Art & Art Education: The Collective History of The G Squared Collaborative

G Squared
Influences, Art & Art Education:

The Collective History of The G Squared Collaborative

Wendy Gilbert and Fred Gonzalez are middle school art teachers at De Leon Middle School and have recently formed The G Squared Collaborative located at Suite 9 in the McAllen Creative Incubator. Their show, opening Friday, September 7th in the gallery at the McAllen Creative Incubator, during Art Walk, chronicles their journey discovering their creative voices from childhood, including outside influences and the impact their professional partnership has played in their artmaking.

Despite having discovered and followed their passion for art in different times and places, Wendy Gilbert and Fred Gonzalez both share the same view on creating art. Art making or “Arting” should be fun.  Individually, they each have different styles and approaches to creating their art, but influence and challenge each other to always strive to search for new ways to express themselves and build on their skills.

This approach to creating art and enjoying the process has informed their philosophy for teaching art to others, whether it is in the school classroom, a workshop at the Creative Incubator or privately with fellow art nerds.

In addition, Jr VASE artwork from their students at De Leon Middle School will be on display in the atrium. This show will also include Jr. VASE artwork from Lincoln Middle School, which has recently merged with De Leon. Jr VASE is a regional art competition sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association. Students competed in May in Brownsville.

It is in this spirit of joy and fun that we invite you to have fun stepping into the world of the G Squared Collaborative.

Art Walk takes place every first Friday of the month and brings awareness of galleries, in the Arts District.  Thru art walk, McAllen paves the way for artists to express their artistic passion, increase interest in the arts, and promote awareness in appreciation of all art and culture.

Feature Art Exhibits at McA2, located at 601 N. Main Street, McAllen from 7pm-9pm are by The G Squared Collaborative, Wendy Gilbert & Fred Gonzalez, Valley Land Fund and Alonzo Deleon Middle School Jr. Vase exhibit. Confirmed guest are IMAS & McAllen Public library.  It is going to be a great family friendly night to enjoy the arts!